Brandon's Blessings

Brandon’s Blessings

Without any warning, my son Brandon Kuehn was diagnosed with autism in 1999.  This was before autism was “cool”.  Meaning before autism was talked about.  The one thing that has not changed is the financial challenges associated with a chronic illness.  The expenses come from medical, dental, therapy, supplements, vitamins, mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy, detoxing programs, special diets, and on and on.   Brandon’s Blessings Fund is in the infancy stage of creating a non-profit organization committed to providing financial assistance and education to individuals and families with special needs and chronic illnesses (including but not limited to autism, ADD, ADHD, down’s syndrome, Christianson syndrome, etc…).  Stay tuned as we roll out more information about Brandon’s Blessings.

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Camp Blessing 2016

Camp Blessing

Camp Blessing is a Christian camp that specializes in ministering to children and young adults with special needs and their siblings. It is a haven for kids who feel left out… a camp where all feel total acceptance… where campers experience the love of Christ.



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Christianson Syndrome Association

Christianson Syndrome Association

To advance the awareness and treatment of Christianson Syndrome through education and information, research, advocacy and support for individuals with Christianson Syndrome, their families, and other concerned parties.


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Hope 4 Minds

We foster hope and enrich the lives of children with an acquired brain injury through support and education.  According to The Center for Head Injury Services, approximately 1 in 500 school-age children each year receive a head injury severe enough to be hospitalized.  Although families are eligible for state and federal financial support, funding is limited, and families are forced to pay for medical care on their own.  The emotional, physical and financial strain of caring for a disabled child takes an enormous toll on families.


At the heart of our services is the conviction that the health and well-being of these children can improve over time if families have access to educational materials, therapeutic services and adaptive equipment for their children. We also believe that families can gain strength by connecting with one other. To provide these crucial services, we need your help. Every dollar makes a difference. With your generous gift, you make it possible to keep hope alive – one precious child at a time.


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Phred's P.L.L.A.C.E.

Phred’s P.L.L.A.C.E.


Having a child with special needs is a life changing and eye opening experience. In the world we live, acceptance is not always the norm. With Autism, simple outings can cause stress to the child and family, resulting in the withdrawal from everyday life experiences and family vacations.

As a result of our experiences with our daughter and other families with special needs children, we created this non-profit organization. PHRED’S P.L.L.A.C.E. is being built so special needs children, siblings, parents, and grandparents can enjoy a camp experience together.

We believe family is the strength behind any great adventure. Families know their child’s needs best. We simply want to offer the opportunity for families to grow and have fun together.

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