Carb Digestion (AMS) was formulated to aid in overcoming symptoms of allergies and for the proper digestion of carbohydrates.* Carb Digestion also contains the enzymes needed to digest protein, fats and dairy products. This formulation contains the highest amount of amylase found in any of Theramedix products, and is the highest activity amylase product on the market.

Carb Digestion contains four different types of enzymes that break down carbohydrates such as starch, glycogen and related polysaccharides.* These are found in grains, seeds, legumes, vegetables and other plants. It is very common to experience discomfort when digesting these types of foods, with symptoms ranging from gas and bloating to indigestion and other imbalances. When added to your meal as a supplement, Carb Digestion can assist the body in breaking down and assimilating these types of foods.* This takes stress off the gallbladder, liver and pancreas.*

Carb Digestion can be taken between meals to support those individuals who suspect that they are Amylase deficient.* Common symptoms include allergies, fatigue, skin problems, sprue and upset stomach. Amylase has antihistamine qualities that may assist those suffering from seasonal allergies.* Amylase is needed to break down and assimilate carbohydrates which supports every cell of the body. Some dieticians and nutritionists recommend that 40%-50% of our diet be made up of a combination of these essential “complex” (vegetables) and “simple” (sugars) carbohydrates. They are needed to support protein and fat metabolism, help to fight infection, promote the growth of bones and assist in skin rejuvenation. Carb Digestion may be taken between meals to support the issues that are common among individuals who are amylase deficient (please see “The Enzyme Deficiency Test”).* Carb Digestion is not recommended for diabetics who are medicated. The amount of Amylase can create an imbalance in blood sugars. Diabetics who are able to control their symptoms through diet (type II) will be fine on Carb Digestion.

Each capsule provides:

  • Amylase Thera-blend™ 35,000 DU
  • Glucoamylase 30 AG
  • Alpha-Galactosidase 1,000 GalU*
  • Protease Thera-blend™ 18,000 HUT
  • Lipase Thera-blend™ 1000 FCCFIP
  • Cellulase Thera-blend™ 600 CU
  • Lactase 500 ALU
  • Maltase 300 DP
  • Pectinase/Phytase 20 endo-Pgu
  • *1000 GalU = 2,000 AGSU
  • 60 Capsules per bottle. No excipients or fillers.

Indications:* Allergies, Blood Sugar imbalances, Cold Hands & Feet, Fatigue, Skin Eruptions, Sprue (Wheat Intolerance), Upset Stomach, High carbohydrate diets associated with indigestion or gas and bloating

Recommended Usage:
One Capsule with meals. For issues associated with Amylase deficiency take 1 capsules between meals 3 times a day.

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