Thank you for scheduling your appointment at Hilton’s Heartland Natural Health Care & Wellness Center. Please print and complete all the documents listed under NEW CLIENT FORMS, they are in adobe format. Should you need any further assistance or clarification, please contact our office at 281-807-7300.

New Client Package

Our typical protocol is for you to complete the NEW Client Package (located to the right) and return it to the Heartland at least 2-3 days prior to your appointment via scan & email to or fax to 281-807-7309. By doing this, it allows us to learn about you and be completly prepared for you appointment. We want to use your precious time to listen to your concerns and goals for you or your child. However, we do make exceptions and step away from our typical protocol to fit extenuating circumstances and emergencies. Please do not hesitate to call and discuss this option.

The Initial Comprehensive Consultation will last for about 90 minutes. We respect the time we reserve for your initial visit, so we do not double book. Please contact our office within three business days of your appointment if you must reschedule. If we do not receive the three days cancellation notice you will be billed the full initial visit fee.

Please allow enough time to arrive fifteen minutes early and for the maximum time allotted for this type of an appointment. By arriving early it allows you to get mentally prepared for the appointment and helps us to stay on schedule. We do not want you to feel rushed during your appointment. The purpose of your visit to the Heartland is to help you or your child achieve better health, not add undue stress. This is why we also ask that you do not bring other children to your appointment. We want your undivided attention for “YOU”. You are a better parent when you take care of you!

For Our Young Clients

If the appointment is for your child, we would like for the child to be present for the appointment. Again, please do not bring any additional children. Please bring a few books, DVDs, or toys to make him/her feel comfortable. Also, prepare the child for the visit. Depending on the age, explain to the child that we will be asking questions regarding their health and that we are trying to help them feel better. Because I have a child with autism I know how important it is to include them in the conversation, at their level, and not to talk about them as if they were not in the room. They hear and understand. I, nor my staff, wear white lab coats because we know many children are very uncomfortable and even terrified of the WHITE LAB COAT. We do wear medical scrubs from time to time, so if this is an issue with your child please let us know so we can make the necessary accommodations for your child’s office visit. We do make every attempt to provide a very safe and comfortable environment for the children but we do need the parents help. Please supervise your child at all times and please do not allow them to wander around the facility. In addition, please do not place them on the receptionist counter.

After visiting about you or your child’s health, we will then make recommendations and put an Individualized Action Plan Summary together. The recommendations that are made can include BioSET® testing and desensitization appointments, laboratory testing, supplements, and additional services or treatment modalities. These items are a separate cost. For your convenience, we try to provide many of the products and services that are recommended.

General Office Visit Information
  • Makeup is fine to wear however, please do not wear perfume, cologne, oils, or strong fragrance products when coming to the office (including hair products, sunscreens, and lotions). Many people with allergies are very sensitive to them. Also, please do not bring in food or drinks that are not a part of the testing. We appreciate your cooperation.​
  • ​Parents please do not bring children to your appointment; it interferes with your testing results. If a child is coming for an appointment, please do not bring any other children unless you have consulted with our office; it affects the testing results.
  • ​Please drink at least 8 ozs. of water within an hour before your appointment.
  • ​If you are sick, please contact us immediately to re-schedule your appointment.

* Payment is expected at the end of the service. For your convenience, we accept cash, checks, Visa, and MasterCard. The person whose name appears on the card must be present at the time the card is used or we must have a credit card authorization form signed and on file.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you.