By looking at your DNA, we can devise a nutrition, supplement, and lifestyle plan that will lower the risks of developing a genetic predisposition.

Nutrigenoics is the science of nutrition therapy, personalized to your specific genetics. It is the study of the interaction between nutrition and an individual’s genetic expression, especially as it relates to prevention or management of disease.


Personalized nutrition therapy pinpoints the best diet and supplementation protocol, based on your individual genes. Your DNA is like a set of instructions that tell your body all about you. Your body cells use your DNA instructions to make proteins the same way that you would follow a recipe. Proteins are critical to multiple body processes, from digesting food or carrying oxygen throughout the body. There are a huge number of different cell types in the body, from brain cells to skin cells to red blood cells. And every cell in the body contains the same copy of your DNA inside it. Your body knows whether to build a skin cell or a brain cell from your DNA instructions by relying on master genetic “switches” that are turned on or off to ensure that the proteins needed are made – or not made.


Just as you have genetic coding that dictates healthy cell function, you have genetic coding for the development of certain diseases. We look at your test results and determine whether or not you may be predisposed for a particular trait, from conditions like gluten intolerance to Alzheimer’s Disease.

Your genetic master switches can actually be turned on and off by adjusting your diet, environment, and lifestyle. These tests can also tell us about your body, such as what your natural weight should be, what your muscle composition is, and the effect of fat and carbs on your body.

With the results of a nutrigenomics test, we can create a nutrition and lifestyle plan that can offset your predisposition to disease and other undesirable traits. And most clients are surprised to learn that this testing is done with saliva, and not blood!