Facilitates good digestion and a healthy inflammatory response to correct nutritional deficiencies and other systemic imbalances through the therapeutic use of Theramedix-BioSET vegetarian digestive and systemic enzymes. When a person is sensitive to a food, it does not break down in the digestive system. Not only are nutrients and vitamins not absorbed from this food, but undigested food particles can then pass through a weakened intestinal wall and get into the blood stream. The food particles are now perceived as foreign object in the body. The immune system reacts, sending antibodies to battle this invasion. This process sets off a chain reaction of events and can cause the body to attack itself, leading to auto immune disorders, illnesses, sensitivities and chronic inflammation.

1) The first step in stopping this self-attack on the body is taking a Digestive enzymeevery single time you eat. In The BioSET System we use plant enzymes to help the body break down foods, allowing for absorption and utilization of the minerals and vitamins. When food is properly digested, no food particles pass through the intestinal wall, therefore no undesirable response from the immune system occurs.

2) The second step is to ensure proper bacterial growth in the intestine by using aProbiotic. A Probiotic will replenish the good bacteria and help provide a healthy intestinal wall lining to ensure no food particles pass through. A healthy, balanced gut also equals a healthy, efficient immune system.

3) The third step is to decrease the number of viruses, harmful bacteria and parasites in the body and decrease the inflammation affecting the intestinal wall and its lining. This is done by using a Proteolytic Enzyme (Immune Plus, Protease Plus, Recover or Serratio). This type of enzyme acts as a natural antiviral, antibacteria, antiparasite, and antifungal product. Proteolytic enzymes also purify and clean the blood by breaking down dead cells.

These three foundational enzyme products are the basic plan of enzyme therapy in the BioSET System. If it is determined that your body needs additional metabolic enzyme support, other high quality enzyme products are available.