Interactive neurofeedback therapy can help improve attention, reduce hyperactivity and increase adaptability to change.

Neurofeedback combines operant conditioning with real-time measurements of EEG activity. Put simply, it teaches your brain how to better self-regulate. Neurofeedback therapy has been an effective alternative to prescription medication in treating such conditions as Seizure Disorder, ADHD, and addiction since the 1970’s.

Sensors are safely placed on different surfaces of the head and brain wave activity is monitored visually and auditorally on a computer. Individuals are taught, in a game like format, to exercise their brain which leads to increased attention, better processing, and improved learning abiility. The technology was created by NASA scientists and adopted by psychologists who realized that neurofeedback technology could help people who have concentration and attention problems.

We have seen our clients make significant improvement in learning how to maintain attention, reduce hyperactivity, increase adaptability to change, improve organizational skills, as well as many other symptoms of ADD and ADHD. Studies have reported an 80% rate of reducing or eliminating the need for traditional medication. Our goal is to improve concentration and focus at home, work and at school.