Our detox therapy stimulates the release of toxins from organs and tissues and promotes elimination through the use of homeopathy.

Every day we are bombarded by all sorts of toxins and contaminants. Toxins can manifest internally or externally. Internal stressors include undigested food, genetic toxins and emotional stress. External stressors are endless, including polluted air, cosmetics, body care products, chemicals, medications, contaminated food, antibiotics, hormones, pesticides/herbicides, electromagnetic stress from computers, phones, electronic devices, security screenings and even water.

We cannot live without water.  We drink it, we bathe in it, and we are constantly submerging our hands in it throughout the day. Even in these modern times, tap water is still plagued by bacteria and parasites as well as everything from chemicals being released by industry, heavy metals, antibiotics and pharmaceuticals. Our chemically treated water is no better. To try to eliminate impurities in tap water, harsh and toxic chemicals have been added which has eliminated some of the pathogenic issues but have added to the chemical load.

The body can efficiently deal with a certain amount of toxins through the detoxification organs, skin and lymphatic system, but the level of toxins the body can process and eliminate is different for everyone. Built-up toxins in the body can result in sensitivities and acute and chronic health problems of all kinds. We use a biofeedback technique or applied kinesiology in order to determine which body organs or systems have been affected by toxin overload. Only then are we able to recommend homeopathic or herbal remedies that will aid the body in toxin elimination. The effects are quick and detoxification should be done at least twice a year depending on one’s life style.