Melisa Rocchi Kuehn, PSCD, ND, CNC, MH, CNHP, BA

Founder | Owner | Public Speaker
Doctor of Naturopathy
PMA Doctor of Pastoral Science
BioSET Master Practitioner & Educational Advisor
Certified Nutritional Counselor
Master Herbalist
Certified Natural Health Practitioner
Cranio Sacral Therapist

Licensed by the

Melisa Kuehn

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Our Testimonials

Let me just say that I am so thankful for you. The level of love and care that I receive from you is beyond anything I could have imagined. Seriously thank you. On my way home from our appointment I seriously felt high. It was like an euphoric happy high. It was nuts. And everytime…

Sam – regular customer

Thank you so much for our session yesterday morning to clear my headache!  I so very much appreciated that!

A loyal client

Dr. Melisa, Wow! Grains were the right thing to do, my sinus’ drained and they haven’t been back since I left your office on Tuesday. (I am just blown away by this) Sugars, I ate a gluten free, milk free, low sugar, chocolate cookie and got dizzy. Hah! You said that might happen. I think you may be…

Bill – happy client

Dr. Kuehn can sense energy imbalances and adjust my body’s alignment through her cranial-sacral massage techniques that give me some relief of neck, back and leg pain, unlike anyone whom I have seen since all my problems began. To have a few hours or a day without pain is such a blessing! Thank you so much, Dr. Kuehn! To others with the same or similar problems, I whole-heartedly recommend Dr. Kuehn, who has a God-given gift!

Rhonda – regular customer