The clues to achieving optimum health are within your body’s unique genetic code.

Genetic testing has been possible for many years, but it is only recently that it is possible to provide genetic information pertaining to an individual’s unique DNA nutrition and lifestyle requirements.

Scientists now understand how small variations in your genes can influence the way your body metabolizes food, uses nutrients, and cleanses itself of damaging toxins. The interaction between genes, diet and lifestyle is referred to as Nutrigenomics – the study of nutrition and genes.

Often, we inherit genes that put us at higher risk of disease or undesirable health conditions. For example:

  • 16% of us have a gene variation that limits the creation of new bones
  • 37% have a variation in the cholesterol metabolizing gene
  • 34% have a genetically reduced ability to fight free radicals

If your genetic makeup has a specific variation, it is often possible to alter aspects of your diet or lifestyle and reduce your risk of developing various health conditions.

You Can Benefit From Genetic Testing if:

  • You don’t see any benefit from the supplements you’re taking
  • You are unsure of how much of a vitamin or mineral you need
  • You want to optimize your health and/or fitness
  • You have a chronic illness and are seeking relief
  • You have ongoing skin or gut problems

There are clues to achieving optimum health in your body’s unique genetic code. We want to help you create a nutrition and lifestyle plan that is distinctive and personalized to your body’s needs.