Williamson PICBefore 2007, my wife, Rhonda, was a vibrant, hard-working, self-made, successful woman who would be the envy of most women in this country today. From her roots as a teacher in elementary education, she had raised herself by her own bootstraps through the ranks of educational sales to become a Regional Vice President of the largest educational publishing company in the United States!   What happened next was a health crisis “perfect storm times 10“ that changed everything.

In November, 2007, upon waking up from a knee surgery, Rhonda’s greatest pain was not her operated knee, but painful, knotted muscles in a “tetany-like” spasm throughout her body! She did have skeletal structural problems (spinal stenosis and joint degeneration, to name just two), but we now know that Rhonda’s main health problems are metabolic and hormonal imbalances that had been just waiting to manifest themselves when given the right triggering mechanisms. (Those triggers were most likely (1) the stress of a number of years, supporting 2 parents in their last health battles before passing on, and (2) the stress of an incompatibility with a surgical anesthesia. It was these stressors that pushed Rhonda’s imbalanced systems her over the top to go into absolute rebellion!)

Since 2007, Rhonda’s life has been dramatically changed from that of a strong, successful active business woman, to a woman living with a continuous daily challenge of how to manage today’s pain from a body that is doing battle with itself.   Over the past 8 years, we have visited numerous physicians, dentists, chiropractors, and therapists in an ongoing quest to get Rhonda back to the place where she can enjoy a single day without severe pain that drives her back into bed. Almost all of the doctors, although meaning well, generically named the problem “fibromyalgia,” but none could comprehend the depth of her sources of pain, nor find a solution to them.

Just about the time we were beginning to think that there was no help in sight, we were led (I believe by God’s answer to prayers) to Dr. Melissa Kuehn.  Dr. Kuehn is one of a precious few doctors, whose approach is to seek to heal all of the body’s integrative systems, rather than focusing on one problem at a time.

Finally, in Dr. Kuehn, we found a health care professional who understands the complexities of the problem! Also, she has taught us that “fibromyalgia” is too weak of a description of Rhonda’s main foe in this battle! Dr. Kuehn has shown us that the key to solving the problem is to examine all of the complex systems in Rhonda’s body, and to work on correcting all the physical, biochemical and metabolic imbalances that had built up in Rhonda over the years.

With great care, Dr. Kuehn began making small incremental adjustments, beginning with the addition of some enzymes that improve the function of the gut and the proper absorption of nutrients. Also, she carefully added other metabolic supportive products to address specific nutrient deficiencies that she found in Rhonda. Over a few weeks, Rhonda’s body began to respond positively!

Additionally, of great importance, Dr. Kuehn has a gift of “hands on” manipulation of the body that is totally unique. By Rhonda’s own evaluation, “Dr. Kuehn has the ability to sense energy imbalances and adjust my body’s alignment through her cranial-sacral massage techniques that give me some relief of neck, back and leg pain, unlike anyone whom I have seen since all these problems began.   After a therapeutic visit with her, just to have a few hours or a day without pain is such a blessing! Thank you so much, Dr. Kuehn! To others with the same or similar problems, I whole-heartedly recommend Dr. Kuehn, who has a God-given gift that she offers to all her patients!”

This testimonial is submitted by Rhonda’s husband of 43 years. I am the person who shares Rhonda’s daily battles with this life-altering condition.  I can say that over the period of a few short months, we have changed “from hopeless to hopeful” that we can return Rhonda to a healthy state. I, too, give my whole-hearted thanks and my complete recommendation of Dr. Melisa Kuehn!


Dan Williamson, D.D.S.