Let me just say that I am so thankful for you. The level of love and care that I receive from you is beyond anything I could have imagined. Seriously thank you.

On my way home from our appointment I seriously felt high. It was like an euphoric happy high. It was nuts. And everytime I had the rotten thoughts slip in I just repeated my saying. It has worked so well that I haven’t gotten upset with the kids, I have felt calm and even showered without all the anxiety and panic that would normally happen. I feel freaking amazing.

I can’t wait till our next session.


Sam – Thankful

Before 2007, my wife, Rhonda, was a vibrant, hard-working, self-made, successful woman who would be the envy of most women in this country today. From her roots as a teacher in elementary education, she had raised herself by her own bootstraps through the ranks of educational sales to become a Regional Vice President of the largest educational publishing company in the United States! What happened next was a health crisis “perfect storm times 10“ that changed everything.

In November, 2007, upon waking up from a knee surgery, Rhonda’s greatest pain was not her operated knee, but painful, knotted muscles in a “tetany-like” spasm throughout her body! She did have skeletal structural problems (spinal stenosis and joint degeneration, to name just two), but we now know that Rhonda’s main health problems are metabolic and hormonal imbalances that had been just waiting to manifest themselves when given the right triggering mechanisms. (Those triggers were most likely (1) the stress of a number of years, supporting 2 parents in their last health battles before passing on, and (2) the stress of an incompatibility with a surgical anesthesia. It was these stressors that pushed Rhonda’s imbalanced systems her over the top to go into absolute rebellion!)
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Dr. Melisa, Wow! Grains were the right thing to do, my sinus’ drained and they haven’t been back since I left your office on Tuesday. (I am just blown away by this) Sugars, I ate a gluten free, milk free, low sugar, chocolate cookie and got dizzy. Hah! You said that might happen. I think you may be right with phenols!!! I think tannins too, kinda the same thing? Last 3 headaches, neckaches, dizzy, cold hands, feet, had eaten tannins. Smoked andouille sausage in only a coffee cup size of gumbo, and that darn chocolate cookie.

Thyroid – my body temp dropped to 92-94 degrees during the headache, neckache, cold hands, dizzy, etc episode. Running around 95 degrees most of the day, but after a nap, it goes up to 96.7 degrees. Upon waking up 3 mornings in a row, my body temp is 96.7 degrees. Sitting still or sleeping my body temp goes higher!  I am taking the BioSET Thyroid pills, 3caps 2xs, perday per your instructions. It does seem to raise my temp several degrees. As I write this I just recorded a 97.2! Woo Hoo!

Thanks for all your help!!

Billhappy patient

Thank you so much for our session yesterday morning to clear my headache!  I so very much appreciated that!


Aloyal client